WCF – How to disable security and enable session

I have WCF services that is deployed on IIS 7 server.  My services requires sessions because of object states that needed to be managed.  I don’t transport or message security.  This would be handled internally by the services.  To accomplish this, I disabled security and enbled sessions using these properties. Continue reading

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Using Microsoft Sync Framework to replicate between 2 SQL Server.

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How to call a .Net web service from android app.

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Interesting Places

One of the interesting places in Arizona is the Grand Canyon.  It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  More than 5 million people visit there every year.  One part of the Grand Canyon is the Havasu Canyon.  It forms spectacular waterfalls that rush over cliffs into blue green pools of water far below.
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Plea from a Child

 Do you know how bad smoking is for you?  I am writing this letter to tell you to stop smoking.  Smoking hurts you in many ways.
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Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo the Explorer

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is a Spanish explorer in the mid 1500s. He came to California in search for gold silver, and a waterway to Asia through North America.
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The Digestive System

One day near a gas station there was a Dominoes Pizza restaurant.  In there was a pizza box.  Pete the Pizza was waiting in there with his pizza friends waiting to be eaten and he yearns to start his journey down the digestive system.  Pete is a pepperoni pizza with lots of cheese and tasty crust. Continue reading

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Christmas Day

One day on a Saterday afternoon a boy named Jefrey Classic loved christmas.
On chrismas day he waited for santa. He waited for santa all night.

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Art Murphy Mansion

WARNING: Reader may be really scared after reading!!

One day Ted was walking home from school, when he heard a horrible sound coming from the Art Murphy mansion. The mansion was built in the 1800s and was rumored to be built on a ancient burial ground. So he went to go check it out,when he got there there was a rustling sound in the bushes as if someone or something was watching him. Continue reading

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Jarry and The Alien Crystal

Once upon a time a little boy named Jarry was on a plane coming back from oregan. His father Dave was about to go in a race. The next day at the stadium all the drivers got ready. Ready set go.
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