Jarry and The Alien Crystal

Once upon a time a little boy named Jarry was on a plane coming back from oregan. His father Dave was about to go in a race. The next day at the stadium all the drivers got ready. Ready set go.

The refiree said. Dave was in the lead but all of a sudden the car lost control .Dave couldn’t believe it. The car also caught on fire. Once the car stoped the car exploded into smithereens. Jarry couldn’t believe it. 30years later he grew up and had kids of his own. His daughter Angelina his son Drake. And his baby Manny. The next day jarry was out with his friends. His friends got really drunk. Wile he was going home he found a crystal. When he came home he looked closely at it there was some kind of plasma in it. 2years later on a Sunday evening the crystal started to shake. When Jarry left the crystal showed an image of a alian man and a huge alien robot. The next day the news said something about aliens fighting. Jarry had dreams of what’s gonna happen. So he grabed the crystal put his jacket on and ran out. Once he got to his destination the aliens sensed him coming with the crystal. The aliens are good but the talking dragon is bad. They had an epic battle but sadly the dragon killed them one by one. The dragon lunged at Jarry then he got nocked down his friend came to help him. Then Jerry through the crystal it went straight through the dragon. Then they all went home.  The end.

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