Plea from a Child

 Do you know how bad smoking is for you?  I am writing this letter to tell you to stop smoking.  Smoking hurts you in many ways.

          Have you ever wondered what you could do with an extra $250 a month?  If you don’t stop smoking you will waste a lot of money.  Cigarettes will take lots of money out of your budget.  If you have trouble breathing you are going to have to pay for an oxygen tank. When you get sick, you are going to have to pay to go to the doctors.

          Even though smoking brings enjoyment to you, it brings sadness to the people who loves you.  We all worry about your health.  If you die, we’ll all be sad. 

          Smoking will cut short your life.  Smoking can cause cancers.  It can also cause heart attacks.  You can get breathing problems too.

 I understand you like smoking, and it’s a good stress reliever but, I love you so please stop.

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