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Safe and Sound by Capital Cities (Ethan on Electric Guitar)

Ethan performing Safe and Sound by Capital Cities with his electric guitar.

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Imagine Dragons – Radioactive Cover Song (Acoustic Guitar and Vocal by Ethan)

Check out this music video on Youtube.

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The Adventure of The Amazing Flapjack and Dancing Pickle

One day, Pickle and his friend Flapjack were in their motor home eating breakfast.  They were poor.  They lived in Corona and they were roommates.

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Over the years

Over the years, We made friends that had our backs And we were all part of the pack

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Hiking in Mount Baldy

One day, my family and I  went to Mount Baldy. We started hiking on the long, narrow path. There were many obstacles on the way. We hiked and we saw a beautiful stream with very clear water.

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Interesting Places One of the interesting places in Arizona is the Grand Canyon.  It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  More than 5 million people visit there every year.  One part of the Grand Canyon is … Continue reading

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Plea from a Child

 Do you know how bad smoking is for you?  I am writing this letter to tell you to stop smoking.  Smoking hurts you in many ways.

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The Digestive System

One day near a gas station there was a Dominoes Pizza restaurant.  In there was a pizza box.  Pete the Pizza was waiting in there with his pizza friends waiting to be eaten and he yearns to start his journey … Continue reading

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Good night

There’s nothing to say, but good night.  

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