Art Murphy Mansion

WARNING: Reader may be really scared after reading!!

One day Ted was walking home from school, when he heard a horrible sound coming from the Art Murphy mansion. The mansion was built in the 1800s and was rumored to be built on a ancient burial ground. So he went to go check it out,when he got there there was a rustling sound in the bushes as if someone or something was watching him.He went in there were doll heads all over the floor. Ted took a closer look at the furniture and there was a note it read, Get out or we will find you. Ted gasped for about 10 seconds as he finished reading the note. Then he heard bumping upstairs and he went to go look.  It looked like the little girl room,it was getting pretty late when all of a sudden something fogged up the windows and it wrote look behind you then a life size human doll jumped out of nowwhere & attacked Ted. The doll’s head had only one eyeball & a face that looked to be melted by fire. She looked him right in the eyes and turned into a ghost & left…….To be continued!!


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