Interesting Places

One of the interesting places in Arizona is the Grand Canyon.  It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  More than 5 million people visit there every year.  One part of the Grand Canyon is the Havasu Canyon.  It forms spectacular waterfalls that rush over cliffs into blue green pools of water far below.

Another interesting place is a big meteor crater in Arizona.  Fifty thousand years ago, a meteor traveling at twenty six thousand miles per hour, hit Arizona with great impact creating this one mile across, 2.4 miles in circumference, and more than 550 feet deep hole in the ground.  It is an international tourist attraction with observation trails, indoor viewing, movie theater, interactive discover center, unique gift and rock shop, and Astronaut Memorial Park.


Person of Historical Interest

One important man in Arizona is Cesar Chavez.
He was born in 1927 in Yuma, Arizona.  He was important because he fought for farm workers and made their lives easier.    He established a union to
improve farm conditions.  He also led strikes against the grape growers, who paid their workers the worst, only one dollar an hour.  They even charged the workers
money to drink water!

The strike didn’t work, so he started a boycott against buying grapes.  The growers did not have a choice but to raise the wages for their workers from $1 dollar an hour to $7 dollars an hour.  Cesar Chavez helped many people during his
lifetime.  That is why we still remember him and honor his memories.

Historical Event – Expedition of the Grand Canyon

In 1869, John Wesley Powell organized a 1,000 mile expedition of the Grand Canyon.  They explored unchartered land.  There were big waterfalls and strong rapids
they had to face.  One interesting fact to note is that he led the expedition with only one arm!  During the Civil War, he got hit by a bullet, and he had to get his right arm amputated.

He took 10 men on the expedition.  4 of them did not
make it.  They disappeared into the canyons and were never seen again.  As a
result of this expedition, the country learned about the Grand Canyon.  It was John who actually named it “The Grand Canyon” because of its grand size and magnificence.   This is an important historical event because it has benefited many generations and it will continue to benefit more generations to come as millions flock there each year to see it.


I would like to live in Arizona.  I would like to live there because you can go to the Grand Canyon anytime you want.  It is a good place to visit, and it is a
beautiful canyon.  Another reason I would like to live in Arizona is because they don’t participate in daylight savings time there.  I don’t like daylight savings time because whenever we change the time, it confuses me, and I forget what time it is.

There are also great outdoor activities you can do in Arizona.  You can ski, rock climb, bike, or swim.  Those are very fun activities.  I also like it in Arizona because of its warm weather.  It hardly ever rains there.  That is good because I don’t like rain.  In fact, it only rains about 4 inches a year.  That is a very small amount.  Even though Arizona is a super hot place, it doesn’t bother most people because they have swimming pools, so they can beat the heat year round.

Another reason I would like to live in Arizona is Havasu Canyon.  It is a great place to sightsee.  The waterfall is a spectacular view.  You can also swim in the clean and clear water.  It is another great way to beat the heat.

Arizona must be a pretty good place because the population grew very rapidly.  In 1940, the population was only 500,000.  In 1980, it grew to 2.7 million.  In the year 2000, there were more than 4.5 million people living in Arizona.  The population grew 9 folds in just a 60-year period!  Arizona is loved by many people around the world as they flock to live there.  That is why I would like to live there too.


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