Christmas Day

One day on a Saterday afternoon a boy named Jefrey Classic loved christmas.
On chrismas day he waited for santa. He waited for santa all night.

But, he never came. He was so sad. Jefrey went to his room. Once he got there he saw
some frost on the window.The next day while he was outside he saw a thin trail
of ice. He followed it. It led him into a frozen lake. Once he turned around he
saw a man wearing odd clothes. He looked like a man that has the worst cold
ever. Then Jefrey suddenly fell on the ground. When he finally woke up santa was
carrying him. Santa put him down. He said that man was no other than Jack Frost.
DUN DONĀ  DUNNNNN!! Where did that music come from. When Jefrey turned around.
santa was frozen solid. Jefrey ran to find some fire. Then he found som torches
that said to unfreeze santa. How conveinyent he said. Once santa was back they
made a run for it. When Jack Frost shot a cold beam at me I found somthing
shiny it was hard so I through it. then suddenly the beam turned back and shot
Jack Frost. Then suddenly Jefrey woke up in his bed. Under the tree he saw his
very own present.

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