The Adventure of The Amazing Flapjack and Dancing Pickle

One day, Pickle and his friend Flapjack were in their motor home eating breakfast.  They were poor.  They lived in Corona and they were roommates.
After they ate breakfast, they decided to go for a walk.  They went to a store and Pickle heard some music.  Dancing made Pickle and Flapjack feel free and have fun.  So they started dancing.  A cheese walked by, nodded his head, and dropped a dollar in a cup someone threw on the ground near them.  They exchanged looks with each other and thought this is what they should do to make some money.  In a few weeks, they had enough  money to get good meals.  Then one day, when they were dancing, someone came over and talked to them.  “Hey guys, that was pretty good,” he said.  “Thanks” said Flapjack.  “I’m Pepperoni, but you can call me Pepp,” Pepp said.  “I’m a producer and I think that you guys would be perfect for a short dancing video.”  “Awesome!” exclaimed Pickle.  “Great,” Pepp said.  “I’ll see you 2 tomorrow at 3 pm at my studio.  The next day, Pickle and Flapjack went to Pepp’s studio.  “Hey guys what’s up,” said Pepp.  “This is you’re studio!?” Pickle said.  “Yeah” said Pepp.  “It’s huge!” screamed Flapjack.  A lady came over and said, “Mr. Pepperoni, we’re ready for them.”  Alright guys lets go,” said Pepp.  They went on the stage and did a little practice dance.  After that they started recording.  They posted it online and in just  2 weeks, it had over 4 million hits.  “Wow,” Flapjack said, “We’re famous!”  When they walked out the door, they immediately got noticed by a bunch of people asking for their autographs.  Soon, they were rich and lived in a mansion.  They posted dancing videos as soon as they had time.  They were huge on the internet.  They started really poor and lived in a motor home, and now, they are the next big thing.

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