Hiking in Mount Baldy

One day, my family and I  went to Mount Baldy. We started hiking on the long, narrow path. There were many obstacles on the way. We hiked and we saw a beautiful stream with very clear water.
As we hiked, we saw many animals such as birds and squirrels.  We used our brand new hiking sticks to help us on the hike.  There was an area that was very muddy so we had to be careful.  We also saw abandoned cabins that looked cool but old and run down.  We even saw a bag of dog poop in one of them.  Once we got tired, we stopped by the stream and ate chicken nuggets.  We heard many birds chirping.  Then we went up for about another hour.  Later on, we saw a patch of snow so I went to see it.  It was dirty, but if u dug into it, it was nice and fresh.  It was cold and it made me think of when I was at Big Bear 2 months ago. After that we hiked down which seemed to take forever. Once we got back to the car, I was relieved because I was really tired.  All in all, it was a very fun trip and I would like to go again some time.

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