Hiking up The Ice House Trail

One day my family and I went on a hiking trip at Mount Baldy. It was a pretty good hike. What I liked is that we got hiking sticks.
They helped a lot on the way down. The hike was at a high incline, and it was rocky. On the way there we saw abandoned ice houses. We stopped to eat near a clear stream. We had McDonald’s chicken nuggets. After lunch the hike seemed even harder. Step after step exhausted me. Finally we took a nice long break. My dad spotted a patch of snow on the other side of the hill. When I got there it sure felt colder. Then we traveled back down. I was going down pretty fast. Faster than the others. The hiking stick helped a lot to make sure I don’t fall or go to fast. It was like a third leg. Some parts of the trail was muddy, and the toilets were deep. I saw the car and felt relieved. I thought we had at least another mile to go. Over all, it was a great hike. I recommend anyone to go on the hike. Even though its rocky and steep, it was a not bad hike for anyone to see the outdoors.

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