French Fry’s Journey

Whoa! Said my fellow fry as we were lowered into a fryer filled with grease. A few minutes later I heard, “and a large fries”. That’s when I got excited about being on the trip that most foods were talking about. In a blink of an eye I was on the trip of a lifetime. Once I was unwrapped if tossed into young Billy’s mouth where I saw sharp teeth and saliva. I was chomped down into what I think was called a bolus and tossed down by the tongue. The next thing I know I was tossed down the esophagus. It was kind of tight but the mucus made it a breeze. Then I was dropped into the stomach. Ouch! I screamed. “What is this?” I said. “Its stomach acid that will break us down in 4 to 6 hours”, replied a fellow fry. After 5 hours we were transported to the small intestine. It was sort of fluffy in there. It was sucking juices out of us like a towel. I guess he couldn’t digest them. Then we were transported to the large intestine. It smelled like feces. Then I looked down and we were poop. I felt the ground shake. Then I dropped down. Then I stopped. “What’s wrong”? “I think he is constipated.  Then a while later, fruits started to come in.  Then they pushed and pushed and eventually I plopped into the toilet. My other fries and fruits came to then we were flushed down the toilet.


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